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imageWhat do I love about card making, besides keeping the dying art of handwritten purposeful communication alive? There are so many things besides the texture of the paper, the smell of black stayzon ink and the delight of combining colours, patterns and embellishments.

It’s the joy and anticipation I have when making cards about how they might affect the receipient…to brighten their day, let them know someone is thinking about them and cares enough to make time creating something just for them. It’s the therapeutic effect of how I feel creating something that I know will affect someone else’s day in a positive way. If I’m feeling ill or having an “off” day…and there have been plenty of those as I have battled a serious illness, I can go into my studio and create cards for someone, get lost in the process and end up feeling better.

As a mixed media artist I work with a wide variety of papers, paints, inks, canvases, embellishments, glues and found objects making objects that look pretty/messy/colourful but always have a personal meaning. This experimentation with materials is part of what led me to Stampin Up…I absolutely adore the quality and reliability of the cardstock and inks and how the cardstock works with the ink. I make dozens of cards a month for several non-profit organizations which led me to become a Stampin Up demonstrator a year ago…the opportunity to buy my materials at a discount as that many cards gets expensive after a while.

A side bonus is a group of ladies that meet regularly to make cards with. I love designing new projects…it’s one of my strengths and these ladies love them. They’ve been making cards a lot longer than I have and I learn so much from them…the fine details and techniques that come with experience. Have come to value their friendships highly and this is one of the most important things I love about card making.

So, with this blog, I hope to reach out to others, share my designs and love of cardmaking, inspire others and perhaps make online friendships and Stampin Up customers.

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